Museum exploration.

Being in New York City it is my obligation to take frequent visits to museums and stare intricately at each art work or historical piece (pretending my scholarly understanding will save me from being completely lost). Beside from the pressure of acquiring the right knowledge to ‘fit in’ with the museum crowd, I found these trips fantastic if I am ever looking for some peace in this busy city.

 IMG_2829  IMG_2831

For my Art History class, it was ‘recommended’ for us to go to the MET and get a fresh take on the pieces we will be researching for our next assignment (tedious I know!) but being separated from the class, I found some joy in taking very aesthetically pleasing photos. The MET, if you haven’t been is HUGE. I wish I had more time but I had to run back to campus to go to my next class.

 IMG_2830  IMG_2840

 IMG_2836  IMG_2835

A few weeks ago, I also stopped by MoMa, but not for another assignment (thank god!) I actually took the time to enjoy all the contemporary artwork I never thought I’d see (including Duchamp’s artwork). All in all, I would go to all the museums again, because in all honesty, I like feeling like a pawn in such a big artistic community.

 IMG_2839  IMG_2838


Just to note! I am experiencing fall for the first time, and my face is about to fall off with the amount of cold wind outside.

Much love from NY,



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