A well-received first edition of the Arab Fashion Week

2015 is ending and I am flooded with meetings, reports, people, dealing with people etc. In spite of  the mounting pile of work awaiting me, I have decided to put a halt to it and committed to updating my blog the latest, exciting event that took place in the previous week – the very first edition of the Arab Fashion Week organised by the Arab Fashion Council.

Day 1

The venue was at Park Hyatt Hotel in Deira, Dubai with main sponsorship from Huawei. Since I have recently moved to Dubai, I did not know what style should I stick to – clean, neat and simple or “over the top”. I went with the first option, just to realise that I was underdressed. The Middle Eastern style comprises of sophisticated texture and patterns, multi-coloured, festive gowns and I was stuck in monotone shades of black and white. Oh well.

The design that we were most impressed with in Day 1 was Abed Mahfouz’s. Each gown reflected delicacy, complexity and a strong touch of Lebanese design style. The models have well showcased the high fashion of his latest collection.

IMG_4981 IMG_4994

Two of my favourite dresses from the collection.

The Finale

Unfortunately, I did not capture all of the elegant looks during the runway, but you can follow Abed Mahfouz on Instagram @Abedmahfouzpr.

Day 2 

We thought we got lost again on our way to Park Hyatt (yup, I admit I’m a “noob” driver with a poor sense of navigation), but luckily, Genny runway was delayed for half an hour. I have been yearning to see her design which I believe matches very well with my style. Her collection is a version of elegance, infusing an Italian’s beautiful, neat, minimalistic approach.

IMG_5037 IMG_5040 IMG_5041 IMG_5056 IMG_5058 IMG_5060

I love the monotone in Genny’s design – her high-end “ready-to-wear” outfits which I personally would consider purchasing.

The Finale

You can follow Genny on Instagram @Gennyofficial

The talented Mireille Dagher concluded the night with the traditional Lebanese, sophisticated gowns. The collection was not the most mind-blowing design but it surely ended the night in a strong, positive note. Each gown presented a character, a personality, an emotion and an attitude. A true definition of Haute Couture.

IMG_5089   IMG_5111   IMG_5127 IMG_5092 IMG_5132 IMG_5138

I love them, which one would you pick? My personal favourite is the red gown, don’t you think the dress will make you look strong, powerful, royal and slightly arrogant (it’s a positive adjective, us women need to be slightly arrogant) ?

Signature Gown

The Finale

You can follow Mireille Dagher  on Instagram @mireille_dagher

Day 3 

First of all, I actually had the time to pose at the Red Carpet.

L1050647 L1050650

I was wearing the black laced dress from Thuy Design House.

Tiiya by Alanoud Al Attiya showcased her SS16 collection and it was completely mind-blowing. Bloggers were all using their phones to video the whole runway. There were more applauses than ever everytime a model presented a gown. Her design is unpredictable, reflected her creativity and challenged other fashion houses. She is one capable, potential designer who I strongly believe will make it far. Her princess gowns may not be practical to be worn regularly, but once you attend an important event with her well-crafted dress, all eyes will definitely focus on you, and only you.

IMG_5209 IMG_5213 IMG_5217 IMG_5219 IMG_5231 IMG_5234

Tell me which is your favourite?

You can follow Tiiya on Instagram @tiiyaofficial.

The well-respected fashion house, Tony Ward has concluded the Arab Fashion Week in a high note. Post-runway, it felt as if every lady in the ballroom would sneak in the backstage to quickly pre-order the new gowns.

IMG_5249 IMG_5255 IMG_5256 IMG_5263

Tony Ward’s SS collection 2016. What do you think? I do think they are unique and highly creative *mouth-watering*.

The Finale

You can follow Tony Ward on Instagram @tonywardcouture

Once again, I am extremely grateful for such eye-opening event and honoured to have received the formal invitation from the Arab Fashion Council. I couldn’t be more thrilled. Style and Fashion are in fact my happy pills. They help take my mind off my chaotic work and deadlines. And now, post-event, I have to readjust to my default system and get back to work.

Much love from Dubai,



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