Dubai & a traditional glimpse

There is actually much more than just being a “paradise for the shopaholics” in this emirate. Yes, the city is labelled as “larger than life” which can not be more accurate. Every aspect is blown out of the proportion, yet I am surprised to see that the culture and heritage, somehow, remain humble and underrated.

Heritage & Diving Village

Planned a half-day trip to discover the Old Town of Dubai during the weekend. Our first stop was at the Heritage & Diving Village located in Bur Dubai, Al Shindagha – a vast area of 8,200 sq.m, yet we were the only two souls wandering from building to building. The village is surrounded by local cafeterias and restaurants overlooking the creek which we both found to be a truly authentic side of this emirate. As we arrived in early morning, there was no activity or performance such as food & craft demonstrations, shipbuilding, fishing, pearl diving (heard these take place at night from October to March), a few souvenir shops were opened though, on the creekside where the settlement is.

It was interesting to have the opportunity to witness the maritime professions (kind of) in the fishing area in a proper Bedouin Village design. Sadly we did not get to see the actual display and demonstrations but it was lovely to experience another side of Dubai.

L9999795  L9999794L9999811   L9999812

Fishing gears

L9999796   L9999800

The traditional tented village

The Dubai Museum 

The museum is well located in the historic Al Fahidi Fort of the Bastakiya District. The fort was built in 1799 to defend the emirate from invasion. In 1993, it was restored, housed and showcased the Dubai Museum,   exhibiting history and artefacts. The architecture was a mix of tradition and modernity. The entrance fee was only 3 AED with such an excellent value. The museum underground took us from the initial stage from when the city was just a deserted land to transforming into a sprawling metropolis, hotspot for tourists ranked just behind New York, London, Paris.

L9999814 L9999815

L9999816 L9999817


Al Fahidi Fort – they say it is the landmark of the Gulf

 L9999822 L9999823   L9999826 L9999827         L9999843 L9999844

Because we could not get over these walls which were originally built from coral and shell rubble from the sea, and were cemented together with lime.

 L9999849 L9999850

The falcon

 L9999853  L9999855

Old Town of Dubai – BurDubai

A definite must for visitors.

Much love from Dubai,



2 thoughts on “Dubai & a traditional glimpse

  1. This was interesting! I’m considering a really long layover in Dubai for a flight from the USA to South Korea. I’ll likely how several hours to explore the city, it’s nice to get glimpses of historical parts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I havent seen your comment until now! Yes you should definitely drop by. It is an interesting emirate with diverse culture and that there is something new going on everyday! 🙂


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