Event update: Sole Dxb 2015 (20-21 Nov)

This is probably one of the biggest events that actually caters to the contemporary, trendy design in footwear and fashion . If you are a fan of sneakers, urban street style AND you are living in Dubai, you must register now so you will not miss the last day of the event (which is tomorrow).

I like the setting and the chilled, relaxed, active ambiance of event. Love the location too, situated in D3 of the new Dubai Design District, with spacious area and lots of activities going on. You can find all your favourite outlets unified in this area, such as Timberland, Puma, Lacoste, Adidas (love their summer-inspired Tubular line!) 🙂 And as a foodie, I am also impressed by the food trucks which are clustered near the entrance:)

Enough writing, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The entrance at 15:00


Area that is filled with food trucks and kiosks


L1050834max n jixx

Outdoor activities




Outdoor shops

My outfit tone for today – honey beige & white
And yes, I did change my sandal, to this beautiful, unique transparent flats from Mywarisa boutique store in Tokyo.

Much love from Dubai,




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