Event Update & Restaurant Review in Dubai: TOKO Night Brunch

Good morning early birds!

You know that December has finally arrived when you have to wake up early to update your blog during the weekend. Yes the previous week has been nothing but hectic, with workload, events and trying to complete all my assignments to make sure my KPIs will be reached by the end of the year.

One of the main highlights of the past week was the Toko Night Brunch concept launch. The private event was held at Toko – Vida Hotel Downtown – an easy and convenient access. The theme adhered to the Tokyo urban street-style, comprising of street breakdance, DJ, ongoing activities such as glitter face painting by glitterbox, fashion designers to showcase their unique clothing items, flows of cocktails & wine, and of course the fusion, elevated Japanese set menu.

It was a wonderful experience overall. I loved the vibrant, and chilled ambiance, especially after work to free my thoughts and indulged ourselves with the goodies.

By Glitterbox_UAE

Jacket by Dulaab


Snapshots from the event

Ok so now, the food review.

To me personally, the eatery somewhat focused on a Western and Japanese fusion. The contemporary interior design delivers an earthy zen-like concept, minimalist approach and clever utilisation of space where both the restaurant and bar are located. Like any other event, we waited to be surprised by the chef. The fusion cuisine was marvellous, offering 7 courses of both Japanese and Western cuisine. The satay was on-point and fresh off the grill, followed by the platter of spring rolls, prawn skewers – mimicking the tempura style.


Starter – combo platter of the finger food.


A touch of Western cuisine. Love the burger and the melted cheddar cheese.


This is exactly what I have been waiting for. A sushi platter – close to what I have experienced in Tokyo. The cut was perfect and fresh as I chewed. The only difference was that in Tokyo (or Japan as a whole), they blend wasabi in each of the sushi roll. But I assume, in order to adapt to the cuisine style here, wasabi blend directly underneath the seafood slice will be a bit too hot for the diners.


This is one of the highlights – the mochi. Not many people understand this dessert with their hard outer layer and ice-cream inner core. But let me just conclude that the mochi in Toko has been one of the best and closest to Japanese restaurant in Dubai. The ratio of sticky rice to ice-cream filling was accurately measured and crafted – which is extremely difficult for such sophisticated delicacy & confection.  I can not tell you enough the pleasure I had, tasting the two completely different textures and how well they blended.

Anyways, so ratings for Toko Night Brunch (when I rate a restaurant, I compare it to the restaurants in the similar category)
Food : 4/5
Design: 4/5
Service: 4/5

The price package is  AED 195 per person.

Thank you again for inviting and having us @TokoDubai 🙂

Much love from Dubai,







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