Guggenheim Museum Visit




(I realised by now half of my photos are just of me looking at stuff)


(A lot of exercising was done in order to take this photo, sorry but I used the elevator to get down)




Another semi-spring day in New York City. I am pretty sure global warming is doing a fantastic job at making New Yorker’s wardrobe attire confusing (and along other more important problems of the world). I personally think that no matter the weather, it is always a good idea to explore the city (jokes, this was my first outing in a month). So I decided to visit the Gugg because I haven’t been to any other museums but MoMa and the MET — sad I know, but nevertheless, the little adventure was exciting for me. Some highlights I would say from the Guggenheim Museum was the interaction with art and visitors, the architecture itself was jaw dropping, with the spiral “staircase” that makes up the entire structure. Obviously, nobody can forget the Gugg. The contemporary artwork exhibited was another delightful feature of this place, you gotta check it out yourself, obviously I am unable to recall any of the artist presented because I am one of those people that goes to a museum and not read the plaque boards (we all know someone who does this, if not, you are that person). Anyways, it can be concluded that I am not your New York tour guide and I can say so much as a freshmen art student can say, you gotta enjoy it yourself! Fun notes beside, I really appreciate the content available for art enthusiast here in this city and hopefully I can write more about all the art stuff thats going on around my area. By the way, can anybody tell me why daylight saving time is such a pain in the ass? Like thank you for letting me sleep one less hour Obama (haha jokes). haha. ha.

– Megan


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