Singapore Trip – Day 1 – An Ideal Afternoon Date Recommendation

Hello folks,

It has been a while since my last post but I promise that this blog will not be abandoned! Today, I decided to share with you highlights of my first day of my current trip in Singapore.

When mention about Singapore, we immediately imagine the country to be the hub of Asia in terms of technology advancement, stable econmy and accelerating growth in new projects, skyscrapers. To no surprise, I, once again, fall in love with the dynamic city that never sleeps.

My boyfriend introduced me another side of Singapore – a more cultural, and historical one. The National Gallery is one elegant building which has sopisticatedly integrated the historical former Supreme Court and City Hall. There are several galleries in the building itself in which we plan to explore more tomorrow.

After exiting the National Gallery, we found ourselves wandering around the area – City Hall, in which the architecture was under the Victorian influence. We were impressed and very much appreciated such wonderful walk.



The beautiful City Hall

We made a short 5 minutes walk to Chijmes Tower in City Hall for dinner. An elegant historical complex, offering an amazing view and vibe with a wide range of restaurant and bar selection.


There was one lane with numbers of Japanese restaurants and bars. We headed over to Gyu-Kaku as it is one of the most popular dining options in the area. The food there has never failed our expectation, though the portion has gone down and price has gone up. If you are willing to spend, the set menu should cover every signature dish, comprising mainly Australian and Japanese wagyu beef.

L1002382L1002380L1002378L1002376L1002375 Prime Australian and Japanese beef choice.

Anw, in order to suit the theme, I have styled myself with white (of course) and demin.


Skirt from Topshop, off-shoulder shirt from The Editor’s Market, jacket from Zara. Clothing choice is styled with small sicily bag in printed dauphine leather from D&G, Apple Watch, and Pandora accessories.

Take care and see you tomorrow x

& Kudos to my “best friend”


Much love from Singapore,

Yung & Pat


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