Restaurant Review in Dubai: Range

What I love about Dubai is that, everywhere you turn, a new restaurant in a hidden corner is opening its door, competing on the food scene block. This weekend before Ramadan hits, my friends and I paid our visit at Range – the new Tex-Mex signature eatery in the Wyndham Dubai Marina.

I have to say, the restaurant has done an excellent job in satisfying us meat-lovers. I can very well conclude that Range offers one of the finest, most juicy, tender and delicious hunk of meat in Dubai food scene.

The first impression was the Southern Louisiana design which well positioned the restaurant as high-end yet fun, vibrant and lively. Our  waiting staff were very attentive and professional. They welcomed with smile and hospitality. They assisted us in ordering and recommended their best-selling dishes, which made our culinary journey unforgettable.


We started with some cocktails. Their Brazilian champagne is what I would recommend to start the night with (very suitable if you are celebrating an event).


We let the chef surprise us with the most delicious Tacos in Dubai. The mushroom and cod-fish tacos – different textures popped, snapped, crackled in my mouth at the start of the night, and the sound of my first bite – it might as well be heaven.


The soft, fresh Quesandillas


Salad and fruit – to keep our fibre and vitamin content


I would highly recommend the Wagyu beef tenderloin cut and the Wagyu Rib-eye if you do not mind fat – which also comes with a lot of distinctive flavours. One bite, and you would know that this is true Australian premium beef cut. They were grilled to perfection and not heavy at all on salt. The side dishes – mashed potatoes, mushroom with red wine sauce were perfect companions to the steak. It was a pleasure to feel them burst into different flavours in my mouth.


The unique, must-try seed celery beignet with avocado pulp mousse accompanied with rum raisin gelato.


Desserts also had their own distinctive stories. Cheesecake was not like any other cheesecake, it was topped with pineapple – giving a sweet and sour flavour.

Anyways, so ratings for Range (when I rate a restaurant, I compare it to the restaurants in the similar category)
Food : 5/5
Design: 4/5
Service: 5/5

Much love from Dubai,



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