Restaurant Review in Singapore – High tea at the Rose Veranda Shangri-la hotel

Bonsoir a tous!j’espère que tout s’est bien passé pour vous cet été :*

I took a while to re-adjust to my daily life back in Dubai. Vietnam has kept me well in my holiday mood. This was enhanced by a short trip to visit my boyfriend in Singapore just five days after my return to Dubai. I will dedicate another travel blog post to my Vietnam trip. Tonight I will resume to my regular food blog.

The food scene in Singapore is unquestionable. Diverse cuisine is presented from fine dining to hawker, street food. Every time I come back to Singapore, I find myself exploring several hidden gems that I have never passed by before. This time my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary at an upscale restaurant. Being a loyal member of the Shangri-la hotel group – one of the top-notch luxury, renowned hotel chains in the world – we received an invitation to dine at one of their restaurants in Singapore. So we went ahead and chose the Rose Veranda’s high tea buffet.

Shangri-la hotel is located in the centre of Singapore, of close proximity to main shopping and business districts, Orchard & Somerset. The hotel well preserves and retains its classic atmosphere with dated yet simple, majestic design.


The  open space restaurant Rose Veranda is located in the mezzanine level of the hotel. I really enjoy being in a F&B  outlet where I do not feel confined or restricted, so this was a great first impression. The hostess was prompt in preparing our table and managed to keep a genuine smile despite the chaotic, busy scene. We were also greeted by welcome drinks which have really set our moods.


The food was very well diverse. One probably imagines that high tea buffet would focus mainly on sweets and tea choices. This was not the case at the Rose Veranda. Not to imply that their dessert station was not up to standard or stocked. To be fair, they were more than sufficient. I was completely satisfied with the food variety that they had, ranged from dim-sum, salad to laksa, to various meat cuts,  to fresh slices of sashimi. I was most impressed by the savory waffles, freshly roasted and topped with bacon or beef bun. Tea menu presented an array of extravagant, quality choices. We selected the sweet scented blossom tea and black tea which were impeccable in terms of both taste and aroma.


And of course, the dessert mix – the most delightful well-stocked surprise. I had been eyeing on the strawberry fountain forever. I indulged myself with strawberry dipped marshmallows and it felt simply magical. If I could, I would not eat too much savory food and saved some rooms for dessert. Ice-cream was a bit disappointing as it was not well-preserved in the freezer hence melted too fast. Other than that, my boyfriend and I enjoyed our crème brûlée, chocolate mousse, tiramisu and fruits. The service team took the extra mile to surprise us with a chocolate cake, congratulated us on our anniversary, which was very thoughtful and sweet.

Staff were probably too busy to realise that we left the restaurant so the final touch was not there. But again, I should not be too critical. I would definitely recommend this restaurant especially during special celebrations/commemorations such as birthday, anniversary… To return? Hmm, it was overall a good dining experience but there is so much more to see in this vibrant city. Perhaps, I shall return on another special occasion…


Anyways, so ratings for The Rose Veranda High Tea Buffet (when I rate a restaurant, I compare it to the restaurants in the similar category)
Food : 3.5/5
Design: 3/5
Service: 4/5

Much love,



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