Explore Nature in Thailand (7-day trip) part 1

It has been a while since my last update. To be honest, I have been travelling a lot but always failed to find time to update my blog. So here I am, at 07:15am on Friday morning, excited to show you my photos during my 7-day trip in Thailand during the Eid Holiday break.

I like to explore places when they are still in their “primitive” forms. Thailand is such a beautiful country with strategic location, tropical weather and spectacular scenery. There is no denial that the country attracted huge volume of tourists every year. People tend to visit Bangkok – the urban lifestyle, or Phuket, Hua-hin island for some sun, beach and relaxation. During this trip, I decided to head towards Northern Thailand – Pak Chong. So instead of lying idly and baking under the sun, I was actively hiking and yes, still baking under the sun.

1) Khao Yai National Park 

Thailand’s largest and most visited reserve, covering about 2168 m2. It was a smooth drive up to the mountain and some light hiking trail leading to the beautiful, magnificent Hail Na Lok waterfall. It would have been ideal to hike in the winter with some wind breezes.  The view is just simply sublime – the higher you drive.

Note: Be aware of spiders!

2) Penlaos Restaurant 

After the hike, we all craved for some Thai Isan food – northeastern specialty with chilli peppers as main ingredient. Penlaos restaurant is a great, famous, reputable restaurant that I recommend with reasonable price – worth every single baht.

Every dish is super authentic and we were so eager to eat that we failed to capture more photos. One of the highlights was the herbal grilled chicken to be eaten with the glutinous rice. I have never tasted such flavorful yet dry chicken meat! If it’s a bit dry for your taste, you can dip it in their special sauce.

Im not a big salad fan but the salad here really wowed me – it is a must to order the papaya salad with salted eggs. The colorful dish with  flavors popped in every bite.

Besides the restaurant there is a cafe where you can order the authentic homemade (made daily) young coconut  cake. Note – these cakes are so delicious that they are sold out before lunchtime.

3) Banmaichainam – Museum/ Restaurant 

This concept is actually very unique. The owner of Banmaichainam is quite an impressive man. Each time he traveled to any place in the world, he would ship a container back home, filled with antiques which are priceless. He decorated them and turned his mansion or kingdom to a Museum.

The museum itself is also a restaurant where tourists and locals can taste authentic Pak Chong food. It is usually crowded here especially filled with tours but amazing how tastes and quality are still very well maintained.

The owner is currently expanding his kingdom to open a boutique, vintage hotel. The room looks cute and cozy with distinctive decors. Positive it will be a success with strategic management.

4) Yellow Submarine Cafe 

The in-trend cafe only opened during the weekend. The coffee house offers beautiful view overlooking the lake and unique, minimalist style design. I saw some serious camera men/bloggers at the cafe.

5) Midwinter Palace/Castle 

There is no word that can describe how magnificent this castle is. I love the ambiance, the western decor, the wine cellar, the live music and the literal feeling of being housed in a luxurious palace. The restaurant is Thai/Western but inclines more towards Western food. Their pizza is on point and perfect for appetizer for a big group. For main course, I would recommend the Rib-eye steak and snail curry soup (doesn’t sound appetizing but just so flavourful and fresh). The castle has their own farm for fruits and vegetables which mean fresh and no chemicals!

6) Sala Resort

I’m lost with words. I shall let the photos speak for itself. The infinity pool, the spectacular view and the exclusivity…

7) Primo Piazza 

A little Italian town in Khao Yai – how amazing is that. The town is a small scope of Florence where I got to feed alpaca, sheep and donkeys.

A note to travelers – a car is required to reach to these beautiful destinations.

Will soon share part 2 – Bangkok travel blog soon.


Yung & Pat


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