Tokyo Guide for short stay

Good evening folks! It has been a while since I last updated my blog but that does not mean that I have abandoned it. These past few weeks have been hectic with work and travel. I have decided to celebrate my  24th birthday week this year in Japan with few of my special friends. The […]

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Arabian nights

The temperature outside reaches above 40 degree C, implying that it’s time to get soaked in the sun before it, soon, becomes unbearable. Friday brunch was well-spent at the beautiful desert resort which is a reasonable 30 – 60 mins of drive from the city center. Bab-Al-Shams – not too extravagant but  very unique, inspired […]

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Guggenheim Museum Visit

(I realised by now half of my photos are just of me looking at stuff) (A lot of exercising was done in order to take this photo, sorry but I used the elevator to get down) Another semi-spring day in New York City. I am pretty sure global warming is doing a fantastic job at making […]

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Dubai & a traditional glimpse

There is actually much more than just being a “paradise for the shopaholics” in this emirate. Yes, the city is labelled as “larger than life” which can not be more accurate. Every aspect is blown out of the proportion, yet I am surprised to see that the culture and heritage, somehow, remain humble and underrated. Heritage […]

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Museum exploration.

Being in New York City it is my obligation to take frequent visits to museums and stare intricately at each art work or historical piece (pretending my scholarly understanding will save me from being completely lost). Beside from the pressure of acquiring the right knowledge to ‘fit in’ with the museum crowd, I found these trips […]

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